Our Vendors
We are committed to creating a better product for our guests and to making a positive impact on our region’s agriculture. By sourcing clean ingredients from local farms, from our organically raised beef to the organically grown strawberries in our milkshakes.

Our friends Pat ‘n’ Tam raise our cows on their ranch near the Columbia River Valley, organically, on clean grass, far from hormones or antibiotics. Adria and the team at Ballard’s Parfait make the best ice cream in town mixed straight with Theo Chocolate and you have the best organic milkshake you’ve ever tried. Our partnership with Charlie’s Produce brings us the freshest, most beautiful produce each day to bring that clean crunch to your burger that only good veggies can provide. For sodas, we believe in naturally flavored beverages free of high fructose corn syrup, so we’ve partnered with our neighbors at Jones Soda to deliver the best soda around. We sell beer from Stoup and Seapine located in the Ballard and SODO neighborhoods.

Wherever we can, we seek out local suppliers and the best ingredients and we strive to support the local economy.

Pat ‘n’ Tam’s: Stanfield, Oregon
Spend an afternoon rolling through the pastureland of northern Oregon in a pickup with our rancher Pat Mallon and you’ll gain some sense of the link between happy cows and amazing burgers. Pat grew up around cattle, studied their care through two university degree programs, and spent his first post-college years in the most cow-rich environment imaginable, an enormous, eastern Oregon feedlot.

There’s a lot to dislike about feedlots, according to Pat. Criticism of the impact of feedlot life on cows, environment and consumers runs deep in the Pacific Northwest. But during his time there Pat made a discovery that has guided his course as a cattleman ever since.

They called it the “Chronic Pasture”. A small patch of clean grass where they would send cows whose illnesses couldn’t be cured with the regular treatments of hormones and antibiotics. Left alone in this pasture, recalls Pat, eating mainly clean grass and shedding the effect of over-aggressive veterinary treatment, these animals would recover completely. A few months later they would be nearly unrecognizable, healthy and happy. Pat promised himself that if he was going to raise beef, that’s how he would do it. All natural. All grass.

Pat’s cows are spread across ten small patches of land, from eastern Oregon to the Willamette Valley. His deep knowledge of the needs of his animals at their various stages and his commitment to completely natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free cattle raised on organically grown grass has earned him a reputation for producing the best quality beef around. To have great beef, says Pat, a cow can’t have a bad day. Through the window of Pat’s pickup we watch his cows running through fields of green grass on the gentle hills of Oregon and we know just what he means.

Parfait Ice Cream: Ballard Neighborhood
In the most adorable, sparkling little ice cream shop in Ballard, Adria Shimada carefully crafts Seattle’s purest and most delicious ice cream. You can find her in the shop almost every day, at times joined by her six-year-old son, Ari. When Ari’s not fulfilling his duties as Head Taste Tester he can sometimes be found interviewing customers, asking them how they like the ice cream and recording their answers in his notebook.

The list of local producers on Parfait’s wall reads like an All-Star roster of the Pacific Northwest’s very best organic farmers. The mint in the flowerbeds out front and the raspberries growing behind the shop find a home in cones and pints.

Parfait was not the obvious choice when we were looking for a creamery to produce our milkshake mix. The flagship store is small and was already busy, and Adria had a very small team. But it was absolutely the best choice. Our commitment to Parfait is helping Adria purchase some key pieces of equipment and hire more employees to focus on milkshakes. And the result is even better than we could have hoped — thick and rich and delicious. These are the best shakes we’ve ever had, and knowing we are helping to build Adria’s business, and bring more customers for Ari to interview, makes them even better.

Theo Chocolate: Seattle
Since 2006, Seattle-based Theo Chocolate has been committed to responsibly sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality chocolate in the world. As the first bean-to-bar maker of Organic, Fair Trade, Fair for Life, and non-GMO certified chocolate in North America, Theo creates delicious products while working to improve livelihoods and protect the environment in farm and factory communities alike.

For Theo, chocolate isn’t just a product; it’s a journey from bean to chocolate bar. We think about every choice we make, every action we take, and how it will impact our interconnected world.

In addition to our friends highlighted above, we are proud to source from various other local and responsible vendors:

• Veggie Patty – Field Roast, Seattle, Wa
• Beer – Stoup Brewing, Ballard, Wa
• French Fries – Kennewick, Wa

• Soda Pop – Jones Soda, Seattle, Wa
• Fresh fruit for our milkshakes are grown in Washington and supplied by various local farms.