Im Great So Are You

A Great Burger in a Great State

For conscientious meat-eaters, Great State Burger is the only fun fast-casual burger joint that combines the highest quality ingredients with a classic menu because we’re dedicated to sourcing from the best in-state providers, putting few but fantastic items on the menu while providing an inviting light-hearted atmosphere.

No gimmicks, just great burgers.






G Washington Burger

Locally Sourced

Close to Home

We believe in taking care of this great state, which is just one of the reasons we source pretty much everything locally. Just as important, local ingredients just taste better! The last reason—and this is not a well-known fact—hamburger buns are afraid of flying.

S Cow

Happy Cows

Care-Free Cows

Our cows are 100% pasture raised and grass-fed. We try to make their lives stress-free and happy. We think this makes the beef better, but it’s also the right thing to do.

B Blue Ribbon


There’s No Planet B

We’re aware that “fast food” can be bad for the environment, and we’re working to change that! That’s why we source local, and all our packaging is 100% compostable.


Happy Teams

A Fun Family

Our team is super important to us, and we do our best to take care of the folks who make your burgers. That means fair wages, health insurance, and vacations, because let’s face it, they work hard!

Meet Our Vendors

Pure Country

Pure Country

From birth to harvest, Pure Country strives to raise the most economical, highest-quality, free-range pork and beef as possible that is completely free of antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products. They do all this while promoting sustainability to the environment, the community, and individuals. The beef they provide us is what all our burgers are built around, and you can taste the quality.

Jack mountain meats

Jack Mountain Meats

Jack Mountain Meats' skilled butchers trim their dry cured, aged bacon by hand, the "old school" way. They start their smoking early in the morning and smoke all day over hazelnut shells. Finished bacons are sliced the next day and immediately packaged for freshness, and we think you can really taste the difference on every burger. In fact, we're going to go get one right now.

Billys garden

Billy's Gardens

Billy’s Gardens is an organic farm certified by WSDA and CCOF. They take care of the soil, introducing natural cover crops, organic fertilizers, crop rotation, and co-existing with well preserved natural habitats to ensure that they grow quality nutritious toppings for our great burgers!